Sir John Cass Digital Prospectus - page 4

Striving to achieve
the highest
educational standards
Sir John Cass
A Specialist Language and Business Enterprise College
A safe and secure learning environment where every child is valued
The Science provision at the school is a special
feature. In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils develop and
enhance their analytical skills. This prepares
them for the Year 10 Science programme,
which includes Double or Triple GCSE and
also a vocational option. The provision at A
Level and the range of Sciences offered is
equally impressive. Many of our science
graduates progress to medical school.
The Key Stage 3 Mathematics course is
embedded in best practice of the National
Numeracy Strategy and teachers make use of
the latest course books. The large uptake at
A Level reflects the success of the department
in raising attainment at Key Stage 4.
Information Technology
Every subject area and all departments
use Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) at Sir John Cass Red Coat,
and we aim for our students to be confident
and proficient in its use. Laptops are available
for use in all areas of the school as well as fully
networked ICT suites and our large VLE
facility which contains state of the art video
conferencing facilities.
The English curriculum is designed to ensure
that all students become confident
communicators both orally and through
the written word. Visiting authors and
extra-curricular trips have inspired our
students to be creative.
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