Sir John Cass Digital Prospectus - page 2

Sir John Cass Red Coat
School is a Church of
England and multi-faith
school with high standards
of discipline, behaviour
and achievement.
We provide a safe and secure environment in
which pupils feel cared for and valued,
allowing them to become confident young
people equipped with the independence and
reliance to succeed in all aspects of their
school life and beyond.
It is an absolute honour and privilege to lead
such a skilled and committed group of
teachers and support staff, all of whom share
a phenomenal commitment to teaching,
learning, achievement and to the wellbeing of
our students.
Yours sincerely
Paul Woods, Headteacher
Welcome to Sir John Cass,
a special place for everyone
to learn, achieve and be valued
Sir John Cass
A Specialist Language and Business Enterprise College
A safe and secure learning environment where every child is valued
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